For this project I wanted to recreate the claw machine from the movie Toy Story. Here is the scene for those unfamiliar with the movie:

The project is meant to simulate a claw machine where you can win an alien from Toy Story.

For this project I modeled the alien, put a custom mesh collider on each polygon in the alien, and then added 30 instances of the alien and put them inside the claw machine. I added rigidbodies to all of them and then let them settle so they looked natural sitting in the machine.

I faced two major challenges with this project:

1) Modeling the aliens ears were very very difficult. For this I basically just spent a long time manipulating a sphere until it looked earlike.

2) Getting the claw machine physics to work was very challenging. Basically I couldn't get the claw to actually 'grab' the aliens. The game was un-winable using realistic claw machine behavior. So I added a box collider to the claw and created a random number generator. When the claw box collider touches an alien, it generates a random number. The user has a 33% chance to successfully catch an alien.

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